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Citrine Birthstone Jewelry for November

Citrine Birthstone Jewelry for November

November is here, which means you're likely gearing up for the holidays, and maybe even a loved one's birthday. Although Topaz is this month's traditional birthstone, citrine is the second birthstone and remains a thoughtful gift for the month. Here are some interesting facts you may not have known about the gemstone, which may help you in your search for a gift that will always be treasured.

How Citrine Got Its Name

Citrine is a variety of quartz, ranging in hue from pale yellow to a warm, honey orange, and sometimes even darker orange, which is more valuable. It was named "citrine" to reflect citron fruit, due to the common lemon-like shades the gemstone most commonly exhibits. 

Shopping for Citrine Birthstone Jewelry

On the Mohs Scale of Hardness, citrine is ranked at a seven. This makes it strong enough to be very scratch-resistant, which makes it the perfect gemstone to set into rings, bracelets, pendants, and earrings that will be worn often, or even every day.

Because citrine is a type of quartz, and quartz is one of the most abundant minerals on earth, citrine jewelry can be very affordable in different sizes, making it the perfect stone for statement fashion jewelry. This is especially true because the stone is rarely used in jewelry to add small accents, as its affordability means using larger stones is more common practice.

More Interesting Facts About Citrine Gemstone Jewelry

  • Because of how similar topaz and citrine are in color, the two birthstones are very often confused. However, quartz and topaz are completely unrelated minerals.
  • In our ancient history, many believed that the citrine gemstone can soothe moments of anger and help manifest desires, or, "intentions".
  • In order to manifest their goals, ancient Egyptians used the yellow gemstone as a talisman and ancient Greeks carved images into it.
  • Citrine jewelry is a traditional 13th wedding anniversary gift.
  • Citrine is associated with the sacral chakra, which is related to creativity. Wearing it as jewelry is said to keep your sacral chakra balanced in order to avoid creative blocks.

Modern Citrine Birthstone Jewelry at ALKU Modern Jewelers

At ALKU Jewelers in Katy, Texas, we offer specially curated jewelry, as well as custom-design jewelry. If a loved one's birthday is coming up, you're a creative, or your 13th wedding anniversary is coming up, please contact us so that we can help you find or design your very own piece of citrine gemstone jewelry.

Fine Topaz Birthstone Jewelry for November

Fine Topaz Birthstone Jewelry for November

Although November has two birthstones, Citrine and Topaz, Topaz has long been the traditional birthstone for the month. In our history, just about all orange and yellow gemstones were considered to be Topaz because of their similar coloring, but Topaz is actually found in a variety of vibrant colors, and can even be colorless.

How Topaz Got Its Name

Topaz’s name has Greek origin and was known as “Topazios,” the Ancient Greek name they gave St. John’s Island in the Red Sea. Although topaz wasn’t mined there, it was once a rich source of Peridot, which before mineralogy, was easily confused with Topaz.

Interestingly enough, some scholars believe Topaz originated from the Sanskrit word “topas” or “tapaz”, which both mean fire. This is fitting considering the rich orangey-yellow hues Topaz can typically exhibit.

Topaz Birthstone Jewelry

If you read our blog on sapphire birthstone jewelry (which is also an excellent gift for the 45th wedding anniversary), then you’ll know about the Mohs Scale of Hardness. On this scale, topaz ranks 8, and when it's correctly cut, it makes a fantastic option for fine and fashion jewelry, especially when incorporated into pendants and drop earrings.

With so many color options, it’s no wonder our customers love shopping for fine topaz jewelry to gift to a special someone in their life. The vibrant pop of color is an ideal accent for rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces, and is highly appreciated by our fashion-forward clientele that loves to express some personality through their accessories.

Other Interesting Facts About Topaz Jewelry

  • Imperial Topaz, the rarest and most valuable variety of topaz due to its beautiful pinkish-orange undertones, was mined in the Ural Mountains of Russia. This variety was named “Imperial” to honor the Russian czar, so only those in the royal family could own it.
  • The ancient Greeks wore topaz jewelry because they believed it offered them strength.
  • During the Renaissance period, people wore topaz jewelry because they believed it could break magic spells and rid them of any anger.
  • In India, people often wore topaz above the heart because they believed it ensured a long life, beauty, and intelligence.
  • Light blue topaz can be found in Texas, so it became the official state gemstone in 1969.

Fine and Fashion Topaz Birthstone Jewelry at ALKU Modern Jewelers

At ALKU Modern Jewelers in Katy, Texas, we offer lovingly curated fine jewelry and fashion jewelry, as well as custom-design jewelry services. If you have yet to find the perfect gift for a friend or family member's birthday coming up, please contact us today so we can help you find or create a thoughtful piece of jewelry that will be cherished forever.

The History of Cultured Pearl Jewelry

The History of Cultured Pearl Jewelry

To kick off our Pearl Series, this post will be dedicated to the history of Cultured Pearls.

Pearls have a long history of being treasured and cherished. At ALKU Jewelers in Katy, Texas, we believe more jewelry fanatics should have access to stunning pearls, not only to enjoy their beauty, but also because they are a timeless addition to your collection. This is why we lovingly and thoughtfully curate The Most Beautiful Pearls In The World from Mastoloni.

Pearls Throughout Our Ancient History

Natural pearls existed long before cultured pearls, but they were extremely rare. Divers would have to scour the ocean floor for mollusks and then sort through them in hopes of maybe finding some pearls, which happened on rare occasions, so when they did succeed, only the wealthiest in the world and royalty could afford them.

To illustrate, Cleopatra herself is said to have enjoyed wearing pearls. As the story goes, one day she made a bet with Marc Antony that she would consume the most expensive dinner in the history of humanity, so she let one of her pearls dissolve in her wine and drank it with her meal.

How Cultured Pearls Changed The Future

In the 1900's, Tatsuhei Mise, a carpenter, began implanting mollusks with lead and silver. Two years later, he had harvested small pearls which he had received a patent for. At the same time, Dr. Nishikawa, a marine biologist, started using gold and silver nuclei to seed oysters, which also resulted in harvesting small pearls. Also around the same time, Kokichi Mikimoto, a vegetable vendor, had experimented with many different ways to harvest cultured pearls and in 1921, cultured pearls first appeared on the market and became more accessible.

How Cultured Pearls Became More Desirable

Now that cultured pearls allowed more jewelry lovers to add pearls to their collection, it was time to make them even more desirable. To do this, cultured pearls underwent different "treatments" to make them shine more beautifully. Some treatments include bleaching, dying, and buffing, but the fewer the treatments, the more valuable the pearl.

Cultured pearls became even more popular and desirable once icons like Jackie O, Audrey Hepburn, CoCo Chanel, and Marilyn Monro adorned themselves with beautiful pearl jewelry.

Beautiful Fine Pearl Jewelry at ALKU Modern Jewelers

One of the many reasons we love pearls is because they are made of a powerful, iconic history. History, art, and science came together to create cultured pearls. If you would like to add this staple to your jewelry collection, please contact us today so we can help you find your perfect piece of fine pearl jewelry. by Mastoloni.

Keep an eye out for the next part in our Pearl Series: Akoya Pearls.

Pearl Bridal Jewelry at ALKU Jewelers in Katy, Texas

Pearl Bridal Jewelry at ALKU Jewelers in Katy, Texas

Following Summer, Fall is the second most popular season for weddings, especially when it comes to outdoor weddings here in Houston. In the Fall, it’s still warm, but it’s not as scorching hot as our summer, so outdoor wedding receptions can be far more enjoyable. Whether you are getting ready for an indoor or outdoor wedding, though, you’re probably also trying to decide what kind of fine jewelry to wear on your special day. Pearls are a very viable option. Here’s why.

Pearls Have Been a Bridal Favorite Throughout History

Historically, pearls have always been special, especially for weddings. This is because they symbolize beauty, peace, and purity, much like the bride and the traditional white wedding dress she wears on her big day.

Pearls also resemble tradition and longevity. Because of this, it is not uncommon for pearl jewelry to be passed down between generations of women in the family. It’s also common for mothers to give their daughters the beautiful heirloom on their wedding day. Beyond this, many wedding dresses and veils are adorned with pearls to offer a feminine, romantic, and elegant touch.

Fine Pearl Bridal Jewelry Adds a Delicate Finishing Touch to the Bride's Look

Pearls can be the perfect way to beautifully complement your bridal look. If you wear a strapless gown, an elegant strand worn as a necklace or as a choker will work wonders. If your hair is in a half-up, half-down style, drop pearl earrings can create a soft and sweet appearance. Similarly, pearl studs can very nicely match a full up-do.

Wearing pearl rings or bracelets is a beautiful way to complement and dress up your hands as they hold your bouquet. When your photographer takes a picture of you with your bouquet, as well as your first dance with your husband, the pearls will lovingly draw attention to your beauty and happiness in those special moments.

Shop Mastoloni Pearls at Our Boutique

Mastoloni is known for handcrafting their fine jewelry with The World's Most Beautiful Pearls. We curate many of the brand's earrings, strands, and rings, so if you would like to complete your wedding look with some special, traditional pearls, please contact us today so we can help you find the perfect piece of fine pearl jewelry for your special day.

Gabriel & Co. Bridal Jewelry at ALKU Modern Jewelers

Gabriel & Co. Bridal Jewelry at ALKU Modern Jewelers

Gabriel & Co is renowned for its beautiful, unique timeless pieces of both fine jewelry and fashion jewelry. As a successful and popular brand, some wonder how they even got to the point they are at today. Here's their story and why our customers love shopping our boutique for their bridal jewelry.

The Early Beginnings of Gabriel & Co

Gabriel & Co. was founded by two brothers–Jack and Dominick Gabriel. Their love for jewelry began when they were young apprentices to their father Elias Gabriel, a master jeweler. While apprenticing, they learned how to beautifully mesh art and science together by combining precious metals and stones in such a way that made them more special and unique than they ever were before. Following this, they realized how much passion truly goes into jewelry design and wanted to share it while also offering a refreshing take on a long-standing industry that needed a new vision, so they decided to create Gabriel & Co. in 1989 in New York City.

Gabriel & Co. Wedding Jewelry

Gabriel & Co. takes great pride in upholding their legacy of blending artistry with technology to create fashionable, yet timeless pieces that last because they are among the highest quality. Additionally, each individual piece is so carefully and beautifully handcrafted so its just as special as the moment you want to celebrate. This is why many of our customers love shopping the Gabriel & Co. Bridal and wedding jewelry.

When you browse through Gabriel & Co.'s bridal creations, you can easily find stunning engagement rings, wedding rings, wedding bands for men, eternity rings, stackable bridal rings, and also anniversary rings, all in a variety of styles to match those with a classic taste, or those with a more modern and contemporary taste. 

Carefully Curated Gabriel & Co Bridal Jewelry at ALKU Modern Jewelers 

At ALKU Modern Jewelers in Katy, Texas we offer a lovingly curated selection of Gabriel & Co. Bridal Jewelry. If you are thinking about proposing to that special someone in your life, are in the process of shopping for jewelry to wear at your wedding ceremony, or if you would like to surprise your partner with a thoughtful anniversary gift, please contact us today. We would love to help you find the perfect piece that can represent all your treasured moments together and be cherished for years to come.