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Fall Fashion Jewelry

While Alku Jewelers may be known for our fine jewelry that is generously handcrafted with diamonds or even pearls, we also cater to a more fashion-forward clientele. Even though all types of jewelry are special in some way, there is something special about fashion jewelry that is different from the special qualities of other kinds of jewelry. The unique quality of fashion jewelry is that it is meant to be paired with the everyday outfit, which makes it the perfect method for people to express their personalities and moods. After all, for many people, their primary form of expression is through clothing. This makes fashion jewelry the perfect accessory for most occasions. With the season and temperature transitioning from summer to fall, styles and trends are also changing, and our clients that are passionate about their wardrobes are eager to incorporate the popular jewelry trends for Fall 2019.


Fall Fashion Jewelry Trends

We have noticed that a lot of '90s styles and trends are coming back for clothing, but it seems that '90s style jewelry has also made a successful comeback and is here to stay for a while longer. Such jewelry includes bangle bracelets, choker necklaces, even chain-like pieces, and anything stackable. We find that statement pieces are trending right now, which are perfect for upcoming holiday occasions, as well as dressing up a more laid-back, dressed-down outfit that is made up of light sweaters and jeans. We may not get that kind of weather in Katy, Texas just yet, but as per usual it will sneak up on us in no time and it's best to be prepared. Additionally, while you wait for the temperature to cool down, fall fashion jewelry makes the perfect gift for someone's upcoming birthday so that they can also be ready to show off the latest trends.


Handcrafting Modern Jewelry With a '90s Twist

Some designers are paying homage to past decades and enjoy creating new jewelry for each season, but Alku Modern Jewelers prefers to focus on timepieces so as not to sacrifice our passion for modern designs. When we think of modern jewelry, we think of jewelry that our customers can get excited about today because they identify with their chosen piece. However, we also believe they will treasure their accessories for decades to come, not just for the duration of the season they are currently shopping in. For example, during the summertime bold-colored, chunky jewelry was popular, but that may not be the case year-round, or every year for that matter. Modern jewelry is all about designing something that feels new upon finding it, but will be admired no matter the season and no matter how much time passes. We sell handcrafted jewelry that can be treasured forever and can even be passed down between generations.

While we certainly offer curated designer fashion jewelry like chokers, bangles, and chains, we do so with delicate details in mind so that the subtlety of symmetry and artistry are what stand out the most without running the risk of being a temporary trend. After all, it's the little things we cherish the most.