Fine Sapphire Jewelry for September

Fine Sapphire Jewelry for September

September is about to end, so let's talk about Sapphire, which is September's associated birthstone. Here are some interesting facts you may not have known.

Where Does Sapphire Come From?

This precious gemstone is actually 1 of 2 varieties of a mineral known as corundum. The second variation is the ruby, so both gemstones are often found in the same general areas. When it comes to mining for sapphire, there are impressive deposits found in Eastern Australia, Madagascar, Thailand, China, and North America (primarily in Montana). 

Fine Jewelry and Practicality 

In 1812, Freidrich Mohs, a German geologist, came up with a scale from 1 to 10 to determine the hardness of a mineral. The hardness is defined as how scratch-resistant a particular mineral is. Today this scale is known as Mohs' Scale of Hardness and on it, corundum sits at a solid 9. For reference, a diamond is ranked with a hardness of 10. Therefore, the only thing that can scratch a sapphire is a diamond. Because of this, the vibrant blue gemstone makes a fantastic choice for decorating fine jewelry that will be worn every day, such as engagement rings or wedding bands. Many handmade watches feature sapphire crystals for added durability as well. 

Other Interesting Facts About the Sapphire Gemstone

  • Throughout history, this jewel has been believed by many cultures to have mystical powers. High nobles and royals have worn fine jewelry such as necklaces and earrings made with sapphire because it was believed that this would protect them from evil and provide them blessings. Today we attribute the signature "royal blue" color of sapphire to these decorated, high-status wearers. 
  • Some sapphires exhibit what is known as asterism This means the particular gem has inclusions that form a star-like pattern. This has become known as the "star sapphire", which adds to its value. 
  • The sapphire birthstone is most commonly blue, but it can also be found in yellow, purple, orange, and pink. It even occurs in a color-changing variety.
  • It is tradition to gift your spouse with sapphire jewelry on your 45th anniversary.

Fine Sapphire Birthstone Jewelry at ALKU Modern Jewelers

At ALKU Modern Jewelers in Katy, Texas, we offer carefully curated jewelry, as well as custom-designed jewelry services. If you have yet to find the perfect gift for a friend or family member born in September, or if your 45th anniversary with your spouse is coming up, contact us today so we can help you find or create a thoughtful, modern piece of jewelry that will be cherished forever and that can be passed down from generation to generation.