Gabriel & Co. Bridal Jewelry at ALKU Modern Jewelers

Gabriel & Co. Bridal Jewelry at ALKU Modern Jewelers

Gabriel & Co is renowned for its beautiful, unique timeless pieces of both fine jewelry and fashion jewelry. As a successful and popular brand, some wonder how they even got to the point they are at today. Here's their story and why our customers love shopping our boutique for their bridal jewelry.

The Early Beginnings of Gabriel & Co

Gabriel & Co. was founded by two brothers–Jack and Dominick Gabriel. Their love for jewelry began when they were young apprentices to their father Elias Gabriel, a master jeweler. While apprenticing, they learned how to beautifully mesh art and science together by combining precious metals and stones in such a way that made them more special and unique than they ever were before. Following this, they realized how much passion truly goes into jewelry design and wanted to share it while also offering a refreshing take on a long-standing industry that needed a new vision, so they decided to create Gabriel & Co. in 1989 in New York City.

Gabriel & Co. Wedding Jewelry

Gabriel & Co. takes great pride in upholding their legacy of blending artistry with technology to create fashionable, yet timeless pieces that last because they are among the highest quality. Additionally, each individual piece is so carefully and beautifully handcrafted so its just as special as the moment you want to celebrate. This is why many of our customers love shopping the Gabriel & Co. Bridal and wedding jewelry.

When you browse through Gabriel & Co.'s bridal creations, you can easily find stunning engagement rings, wedding rings, wedding bands for men, eternity rings, stackable bridal rings, and also anniversary rings, all in a variety of styles to match those with a classic taste, or those with a more modern and contemporary taste. 

Carefully Curated Gabriel & Co Bridal Jewelry at ALKU Modern Jewelers 

At ALKU Modern Jewelers in Katy, Texas we offer a lovingly curated selection of Gabriel & Co. Bridal Jewelry. If you are thinking about proposing to that special someone in your life, are in the process of shopping for jewelry to wear at your wedding ceremony, or if you would like to surprise your partner with a thoughtful anniversary gift, please contact us today. We would love to help you find the perfect piece that can represent all your treasured moments together and be cherished for years to come.