The Importance of Appraisals

The Importance of Appraisals


When was the last time you considered an Appraisal?

Whether it's a family heirloom, your bridal ring, or an expensive timepiece handed down, these are all valuable in some way, shape or form. It's human nature to maintain your valuables by simply having a safe spot, scheduling maintenance, and committing to taking it in for repair. However, so many of us underestimate the true coverage left unseen which is that of an actual appraisal. This is far more important than the nightstand or lockbox that you depend on to protect your jewelry. In fact, a jewelry appraisal is the most important aspect of insurance coverage. 

Unfortunately, some incidents may occur that we cannot predict. Many times people lose their jewelry within their own homes. Additionally, theft is common and even the value of our jewelry can change over time, as the jewels themselves could tremendously shift in value within as little as 2 years. Therefore it is highly recommended to get up to date appraisals. Wouldn't you want to know the value of your property and have insurance in case anything happens?

Expect the Unexpected

Let me tell you the story of not 1, but 2 wedding rings flushed down the toilet. Yes! True Story.

Once upon a time...long ago in the house of an overwhelmed mother and a toddler entering the stages known as the "terrible two's", the family was having a dysFUNctional day. The mother decided to take her wedding ring off ever so carelessly and place it on the soap bowl near the bathroom sink.

"Nothing could ever happen to a ring in MY master bathroom in MY home," she genuinely thought, so naive to the fact that the child who she looked after day after day and loved with all her heart would find that ring in a moment of rage and flush it down the toilet. Yes...two years old. A two-year-old toddler dared to be destructive and rebel all because he may have skipped naptime, or because he was upset over vegetables at lunchtime. So upset he picked that wedding ring up and knew exactly how to make it disappear.

What events took place that day, exactly? I can hardly remember after walking into a restroom with a toddler (who can barely put a sentence together) say "mommy ring go bye-bye" with his innocent eyes and possessed hand pointing to the toilet. I lost a piece of my soul and for that matter spent all day trying to explain to my husband that I was the real victim even though it was his $8000 that was flushed down the drain.

So he downgraded me to a $2000 ring in its place. I was humbled and appreciative, and once again I was my now 4-year-old son. That's right he struck again. Long story short: He had a bad day and a tantrum led to my 2nd ring being flushed down the toilet. It was a complete NIghtmare! My Husband said no more rings, no more chances.

After trying to file a report, we visited the topic of insurance and jewelry appraisals and learned that having the receipt alone wasn't good enough. These were new words to our ears and we had no clue how much they would have saved us in this entire ordeal. Had we obtained a picture certified by an appraiser there would have been a chance for a replacement as opposed to more money out of our pockets. For this reason, jewelry appraisals are highly recommended and as easy as a trip to the grocery store.

Now jewelry stores offer the service and provide a Certified GIA Gemologist to examine and determine the worth right in front of you. ALKU Modern Jewelers is offering a Jewelry Appraisal Clinic Every Third Thursday of the month and encourages owners to come out and have a thorough evaluation, detailed and authenticated description, and images for insurance purposes.

This is a service not be taken lightly, especially when everyday mishaps can happen, like in my case with a toddler and a toilet.

Appraisals move the insurance process along, provide authenticity, and prove the true value if loss occurs. Just as we seek home insurance and car insurance, we must realize that time-pieces, wedding bands, diamond rings, and other jewelry heirlooms deserve the same type of care and coverage. You do not want to find yourself in a bind without proof and more importantly, you want the fullest coverage for your finest Jewelry.