How did Omega come to be?

How did Omega come to be?

What comes to mind when you hear the word Omega?

Omega comes off as a strong name for the very person that chooses to try this brand, own this brand, and keep this brand in rotation to define who they represent. 

Omega is transpired from the Greek alphabet influencing the end to a complete set or some beliefs point to an ending of a time era. Which in this case the Omega Watch represents someone's personal choice within feeling complete... the idea of one's collection being represented as an entire series. Omega has a simple meaning for a person's ultimate destiny. Destiny is where you walked into the right place at the right time, and perhaps picked out a timepiece that was ultimately one of the best decisions you made for yourself. 


What was the initial thought process behind the product? What was Louis Brandt Thinking?

Who is Louis Brandt? If you know...then you are familiar with history. If not, let's get into the mind of someone like Louis who needed to create such an iconic timepiece and create a worldwide brand known from sea to sea, wrist to wrist, and legacies left behind for the world to continue to share.

 Louis Brant was a Swiss how did watch-making become a trait? How were the Politics in Switzerland of 1848 that would lead someone to build a business revolving around timekeeping. Was time not valued enough? Was there a demand? Did Political theories have anything to do with the initial spark? What was the link to Politics in 1848 and the connection behind the creation of Omega watches?

Let's dig. In this time, Switzerland was known for being neutral. With countries finding themselves taking sides, Switzerland remained neutral and carried a democratic tone within its own political system. Since it is a Republic, there is not a single president running orders, instead the decisions lie in the hands of 7 people, also known as ministers, operating the same functions a president would. 

This would be known as the Federal Council. 

This was also a time of gathering signatures and involvement within the community. Basically, if the people opposed the law, a call to action to collect signatures and dictate a voting process to make amends. Sounds so easy right?

So maybe Louis Brandt was just your average person, a twenty-three year old person at that.

A young entrepreneur which makes the brand and purpose even more innovating. He assembled fragments, carefully curating parts from local craftsmen. The irony of the time that went into this masterpiece would essentially be the defining piece to what we now know as significant. 

This long-lasting reputation continues to be one of the highest-ranked brands in quality and production. Many of the watches that are known in today's trendy topics have that much more value to their name. 

The Constellation Omega Watch dates back to essential timepieces from 1862 keeping the history alive through the production. As we like to call it "vintage" and uphold the value of what came along with the history of this miniature time capsule. Safe to say the Constellation series is richly decorated and elegant in shape. 


So would you have depicted all of this from the Omega Brand? 

Loius Brandt was an innovator with quality craftwork in mind. His brand would soon become the official timekeeping in Combat units, the first watch worn to the moon in 1969, advertised in pop culture, first of its kind to be mass-produced, and one of the largest manufacturers in the world! Here we are in 2019 almost 200 years later and we have the very wrist watch innovated for the high performance and self prominence carried in our very shop for us to guide you in selecting a piece of history. 

Omega's famous slogan is "Omega-Time for Life"

Maybe another tale behind the Omega Speed Master series and concept. A Time for Life, essentially having real time for life. Passing time within our lives where we speed through unnoticed moments, always on our way to the next major step to get us through the day. 

The time in our lives where we may overlook something as simple as what we choose to wear on our wrist, all the way to timing the exact moment that our lives could possibly change can all be done with such an iconic piece in tow. This all has a history behind it, along with pursuit, character, definition, and the end of seeking a watch from anywhere else.