Pearl Bridal Jewelry at ALKU Jewelers in Katy, Texas

Pearl Bridal Jewelry at ALKU Jewelers in Katy, Texas

Following Summer, Fall is the second most popular season for weddings, especially when it comes to outdoor weddings here in Houston. In the Fall, it’s still warm, but it’s not as scorching hot as our summer, so outdoor wedding receptions can be far more enjoyable. Whether you are getting ready for an indoor or outdoor wedding, though, you’re probably also trying to decide what kind of fine jewelry to wear on your special day. Pearls are a very viable option. Here’s why.

Pearls Have Been a Bridal Favorite Throughout History

Historically, pearls have always been special, especially for weddings. This is because they symbolize beauty, peace, and purity, much like the bride and the traditional white wedding dress she wears on her big day.

Pearls also resemble tradition and longevity. Because of this, it is not uncommon for pearl jewelry to be passed down between generations of women in the family. It’s also common for mothers to give their daughters the beautiful heirloom on their wedding day. Beyond this, many wedding dresses and veils are adorned with pearls to offer a feminine, romantic, and elegant touch.

Fine Pearl Bridal Jewelry Adds a Delicate Finishing Touch to the Bride's Look

Pearls can be the perfect way to beautifully complement your bridal look. If you wear a strapless gown, an elegant strand worn as a necklace or as a choker will work wonders. If your hair is in a half-up, half-down style, drop pearl earrings can create a soft and sweet appearance. Similarly, pearl studs can very nicely match a full up-do.

Wearing pearl rings or bracelets is a beautiful way to complement and dress up your hands as they hold your bouquet. When your photographer takes a picture of you with your bouquet, as well as your first dance with your husband, the pearls will lovingly draw attention to your beauty and happiness in those special moments.

Shop Mastoloni Pearls at Our Boutique

Mastoloni is known for handcrafting their fine jewelry with The World's Most Beautiful Pearls. We curate many of the brand's earrings, strands, and rings, so if you would like to complete your wedding look with some special, traditional pearls, please contact us today so we can help you find the perfect piece of fine pearl jewelry for your special day.