Uneek is for Eternity

Uneek is for Eternity


Where does it all begin?

There are stories and mythical tales of love at first sight.

This is known to be true in most cases, whether it’s materialistic infatuation or a genuine feeling of connection between two people. With this, you desire to inherit this feeling for a lifetime and in this case finding the right Promise Ring will begin the passage through a series of steps.

Those steps become more dire with each one made, especially when made in the right direction.

Beginning with ALKU, we invite you to walk through a journey of Gems from its Uneek Signature Collection, known for pairing what embodies the spirit. As you slip on a ring from the Eternity Collection you will find yourself daydreaming of every milestone a newlywed experiences. There is a beautiful idea that Eternity cannot be seen, but it can be felt through a series of events. Some of those precious events are the first time you exchange rings in a moment of bliss, complemented by the very rings selected in our shop, and holding hands side by side. The binding of those rings should gleam throughout those moments meant to be powerful and remembered, like the celebrations of anniversaries. Through it all, Uneek Jewelry was that symbolic connection that came to be the most important part of the story.

The missing piece that made this love at first sight prediction complete.

We offer these possibilities by uniting personal traditions and morals into the very hands of the ones seeking commitment and confidence. These sole decisions start here with every fine piece of perfection laid out, with stones made to embellish stories to be passed down to the next generation, the stone itself, to be inherited by your child with their own lifetime to cherish.

Where we come in

Our experts can help you start that legacy right here at ALKU Modern Jewelers where the experience from inside our walls is the one that connects you to the rest of your life. The one of a kind engagement ring meant to wrap around the finger of an all too unique character featured in their very own love story.
ALKU Modern Jewelers will be the book where the story is spread sheet-to-sheet full of divine perfection starting from the Eternity Collection of Uneek Fine Jewelry. With that Collection comes variety which turns the love story into anything but your basic fairy tale.

Eternity Collection

The Eternity Rings add color, the same richness of gold gleaming from the heart of ever-lasting wealth. Made to stand out. Made to be Bold. Made to be Beautiful and as a reminder that you made the right choice from the very second you considered to follow your heart.

Then there is the traditional Platinum option from Uneek’s Eternity Collection that crosses the luxurious stones to the Brilliant approach of maintaining tradition in a modern way.

Diamond Cuts defined to curate meaning behind each carat. The Eternity Collection symbolizes the stars in the night sky, the sparkle in your soulmate’s eyes, and the bright future that lays ahead.

The Eternity Collection can be found amongst many other Uneek sets of custom-made designs in the ALKU shop where each future bride and groom come full circle meeting their perfect match.

Each expert meets the needs and expectations of the client, and the experience continues to be one of the best decisions you ever made by walking through our doors.

Just imagine walking down the aisle in stunning heirlooms made to be passed on to the legacy you will grow from the ground up, passed down to future generations as the original piece of jewelry that started it all. Let ALKU be the one to guide you to the right band, perfect stone, timeless design and most importantly...the idea of what pricelessness truly means in a world of such value…in a Boutique that carries it all.