What to Look for in a Quality Timepiece

What to Look for in a Quality Timepiece

Watches are far more than just a tool to tell time. Today, they have evolved into fashion statements, beautiful accessories for the fashion-forward, and even status symbols. With so many watches out there, finding a good wristwatch is a long and highly-involved process. We thought we'd make it easier by telling you what exactly to look for in a quality timepiece. 

Price Isn't Always Equivalent to Quality, But It Can Be Indicative

Although there are some fairly decent wristwatches out there at a very affordable price, they will not always be high quality. Similarly, at first glance, a highly-priced watch would indicate a high cost to make the watch, which would indicate high-quality parts. As true as this is, it also may not always be the case. This is why the following tips are supplemental ways to ensure you buy a special, high-quality timepiece that will last forever. 

Check The Movement

Quartz and automatic movements are the main kinds of movement used in timepieces. It's important to note that there are such things as bad quartz, which will be very unreliable in timekeeping. It's even possible for bad quartz to count fewer minutes during the day. Swiss, German, and Japanese quartz and automatic movements have the best reputations in the industry, so keep an eye out in your search.

Ask About The Crystal

The crystal, otherwise known as the glass is a great feature to look at when shopping for quality. There are two kinds of crystals used in watch-making. High-quality watches will showcase a sapphire crystal for its hardness and durability. Other watches will include a mineral crystal, which is far more fragile. It is easily scratched and, if dropped, it will shatter and compromise the rest of the watch. You can check the backing of the watch to confirm which material is used.

Pay Attention To Details

Weight is a very good indicator of quality. A heavier watch suggests heavier steel and a sturdier movement are being used. Water-resistance is another feature that provides insight on wristwatch quality. Although not everyone who buys a watch will go diving with it, water is still highly damaging to the many moving parts a watch incorporates, so waterproofing is always a plus and is often associated with high-quality, everlasting timepieces. 

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