The start of your new beginning.

Each and every one of our customers are unique and we ensure to create a tailored experience to make them feel comfortable and confident when purchasing their one-of-a-kind piece.

Let us be a part of your new beginning with our collection of hand-curated and responsibly-sourced engagement rings and wedding bands. We have the option to customize your special engagement ring to give them a perfect representation of your love. Whether you’re seeking a colored diamond, rose gold band or an elegant solitare, we will guide you to find the perfect fit at Alku Modern Jewelers.

Our diamond room gives us the opportunity to give you an exceptional and private shopping experience while hand selecting the diamond for your setting. All of our diamonds are hand-selected and GIA certified to ensure only the best of quality. 

Every diamond holds unique characteristics that are classified using the 4 C's.


Cut is by far the most important of the 4C's. A diamond cut to proper proportions allows the greatest amount of light to be reflected for maximum brilliance. Our diamonds are so perfectly cut they reflect up to 93% of incoming light. Average diamonds don't even come close. Don't be fooled by lesser quality, poorer cut stones. Diamond cutting quality can affect price by over 40%!


Diamonds are found with a range of colors, from light yellow or brown through no color at all, the rarest.

GIA's diamond D-to-Z color-grading scale is the industry's most widely accepted grading system. The scale begins with the letter D, representing colorless, and continues, with increasing presence of color, to the letter Z. Many of these color distinctions are so subtle that they are invisible to the untrained eye; however, these distinctions make a very big difference in diamond quality and price.


The fewer imperfections in a diamond, the better. A flawless diamond is EXTREMELY rare and valuable.


Diamond carat weight is the measurement of how much a diamond weighs.