At Alku Modern Jewelers, we treat each timepiece and jewelry item with the utmost respect and care it deserves. Our restoration facilities are on-site in Katy, Texas.


Fine Jewelry Maintenance

We provide routine jewelry maintenance for all of your pieces. Semiannual maintenance ensures we can catch any minor issues before they become problems that are costly and hard to fix.

Timepiece Repairs

It is imperative that you go to a trusted jeweler to take good care of your cherished wristwatch. We perform a variety of repairs on several brands of watches, including OMEGA, Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Cartier, BVLGARI, Mont Blanc, Patek Philippe, and more.

Jewelry Engraving

Engraving is a thoughtful touch for rings, timepieces, or even bracelets and pendants because it makes them all the more special for the wearer. We like to recommend engraving for wedding bands, engagement rings, promise rings, and anniversary gifts.

Sizing and Free Cleanings

Entrust our experts to size your rings for the perfect fit, as sometimes it may be hard to tell just how tight-fitting they should be. We also offer free jewelry cleanings so that we can keep your jewelry in pristine condition.


We provide routine maintenance and repairs for your jewelry. All work is done on-site in our repair room. We will also handle your piece with much care and respect.


From a new battery or an internal repair, our talented experts can take special care of your timepiece.

Our watch repair services include:

Battery replacement, Stem/crown replacement, Crystal replacement, Mechanical movement and cleaning, Quartz movement repair and replacement, Watch band sizing, repair & replacement.


Make that special pendant, ring or timepiece even more meaningful with a beautiful, personalized engravement.


Lose or too big? Have one of our experts help you size your piece to fit you perfectly.

There's nothing better than a clean and polished piece of jewelry. Let us remove the oils, dust, and build-up to give your jewelry the shine and appearance it deserves.